Thursday, 28 April 2011

Stupid really...

So, really i just read Simon P. Rickenback's blog, and on the whole it was a nice experience. I'd also like to point out at this point, because there may not be a better point to point it out...that blog is considered a spelling error on this little blog writing java script or whatever it is.

So, having read the blog, i'd like to point out how glum it was, really giving the hair dryer treatment to poor Mini and his Mindless blog. I mean the poor lad has a low meat intake, this kind of punishment probably wont stand well on his shoulders, he can barely stand at all.

What i thought i'd do is write a blog in response, which is in a way not really taking on board Simon's point that no one actually cares. Well, i tell you now i did take it on board and screw you.

What i'm going to write about is not the musings on an online sharing center where friends can comment ones thoughts, oh no it's much worse. See, yesterday i bought a notebook, not just any note book, but a MoleSkine. Moleskine's are probably made out of moles hence the name, on the packaging it said things about Jules Verne, Da Vinci and Picasso and perhaps naturally i was leaning to purchase one. Also, Steven has one and he is probably the cleverest teenager i know.

Anyway, this thing which by all accounts is lined paper,was supposed to be an outlet where i could write down important information and thoughts about what i do. Maybe i could write down blog ideas. Or thoughts about the law or politics which might in some way aid my degree.

This turned out to be something of a niave thought, since actually, i dont have anything to say, 9 out of 10 of any epiphanies i have are usually about porn or my naked classmates, and should one day my note pad be put on show in a museum, i dont want it to be full of sketches and pie charts of who is the fittest in the year....

Again that is probably a childish thought, that someone might actually want to read what's in it, of course if anything actually does get in it. Most things i do say are regurgitated from The Guardian or USA Today or some Comedian - in fact this blog may be the first thing thats come from me. Plainly, if i thought somehow i'd get down loads of profound thoughts which somehow might make a political, social and economic utopia, is obviously wrong.

So for now my Moleskine is left empty bar me writing my name in the front and that i would be willing to pay $10 for reward if found (again how much do people value their journals in their content). It's a shame really someone's self esteem is so low that not even their own thoughts are amusing enough to be written down. I suppose we've got people like Simon to thank for that, who remind us, actually no one cares.

Here's to no one caring, and Here's to Richard Mills.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Am I a Royalist? or a Roundhead?

So, i had originally planned to write a blog about my love affair with Sky and all the packages they do, but then Daniel Meier's blog Mindless covered pretty much exactly the opposite, so instead I'm going to write about my musings on the whole Royal Wedding hurrah.

Discussing it with a few people over the last couple of weeks, the Royals are getting a mixed reception, an variable schmorgasbord of opinions.

Some are, perhaps by right or birth somehow, fans of the Royals. After all they are the heads of the realm and give rise to all that blows out of Parliament. Respectfully they acknowledge the work of the Royals, openings and speeches and so on and so forth. Public image, while from time to time is tarnished by be it a distant princess or the divorce of a prince, is that of your typical role model.

Then again, perhaps maybe more so, or at least more vocal in dislike, are the haters. Your usual, unnecessary, high cost, high maintainance drivel that sometimes can be read as grounded potential truth and sometimes unfounded idiocy.

For years i've sided with the royalists if you like, the grand image that marches around with the Royal Family, for me seemed liked something to respected, there was no question. Then of course as time passes there comes the stories of corruption, Prince Charles influencing the work of Parliament, Sarah Ferguson...princes Diana blah blah blah.

So where am I now? Well, it's a strange existence really. I find myself wondering what King or Queen actually means these days. Of course head of state and what have you. But when you consider the coverage they get in the media, the influence they have on people and the work they do and what it means. You take all that and i think, King and Queen, who's work matters more? or Gets a better response? Well, David and Victoria Beckham perhaps had stolen the crown, but times have moved on.

Is it time for a new King and Queen as who the majority of british public can look up to? Wayne Rooney? Kelly Brook? God forbid Stacy Soloman? Lewis Hamilton (even though he's actually American these days)

No, if there ever was a chance to be the King and Queen in both a royal and media sense, it's with the to-be-weds: Prince William and Kate Middleton. What a chance to reassert the image of Royalty and what it is to be a Royal. What chance to become role models for millions of Children across the world next week.

I wish them both the best of luck.

(I'd like to add, in response to Dan/Mini, Step mum has since showed up and turned on Katie, new to Sky Living HD, what load of fucking shit this is...)