Sunday, 20 February 2011

AV Reform: The issue to about to tear this coalition to pieces.

Lets be perfectly honest here: coalition governments are not usually something we see in the UK. Matt Beech, lecturer and writer suggested in a lecture of mine that coalition governments follow a trend as to when they appear: in times of crisis. The last time we saw a coalition was between 1940 and 1950 - where Churchill led a coalition, desirable out come in War Time Britain. Prior to this, World War One saw a coalition government. Make no mistake, coalitions appear in times of serious crisis, WWI, WWII....a Global, deep, unavoidable recession.

If we are to suggest that this is a time of crisis, we need a strong, workable government with mutual respect for the joined parties policy and ideology. After 8 months now of coalition embracing Westminster and the political scene, finally it seems, cracks are really starting to show.

Today the observer reports that Ken Clarke, a liberal Conservative MP, should be removed from his positions as Lord Chancellor and Secretary for Justice by the most powerful man of the executive: David Cameron. Why? For being too Liberal in his views.

The Conservative right, backbenchers and so forth all too often can be the uprooters of the incumbent leader. Here we could see history repeating itself, are the Tory grass roots about to pull up the new Liberal-Conservatives weeds?

David Cameron has got what will be a tricky couple of months before the AV referendum in May. Keeping the back benchers in check will be of upmost importance as we see what will surely be more disagreements between the Tory-right and Lib-Dem colleagues.

However any handbags between now and May 5th will be but mere scratches to what could be an untreatable wound come polling day. If we as the electorate vote in favour of AV, an inevitable mushroom cloud will erupt in Westminster. Labour and Lib-Dems support the bill: in the last election combined off the top of my head polled around 15 million votes, far usurping the Tory's 10 million.

If you want my opinion on AV, well this is just it. 22% of overall results in the 2010 GE for the Lib Dems resulted in only 10% of seats. Although this issue does rather speak for a proportional representation reform, AV will make things slightly fairer indeed, it will get my vote.

As for the crisis, well it's not going to be made much better in Westminster. We might be about to observe a huge shake up in Cabinet, notably so if the AV reform proves comes out 'yay'. This issue could well define this Government. It could be very messy. DC has got some serious work to do in pulling in the threads of what could turn out to be some very serious straggling MPs, all torn over one key issue - Left or Right - AV or First Past the Post?

Watch this Space.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Desert Island Discs

Hello All.

Basically i know they have something under this name on Radio one, but i have no idea how it operates, and because it's on the internet and according to recent Twitter scandles that any tweet is public information etc, i ought to say i am in no way affiliated with or working for or copying Radio One.

Except maybe copying.

Regardless, despite thinking about lots of things to write about Politics which may insight/inspire you, i haven't had the creative streak as of late to get them down into a blog. Instead i'm hoping to start perhaps an argument as to best ever band/artist, by publishing the 5 Bands i consider my personal Favourites.

1) Michael Jackson - I feel this a good place to start. Not everyone's cup of tea perhaps, but at the same time you'd be hard pressed to find someone who would turn down MJ tickets - when alive of course. Such a wide variety of music, which i suppose is the end result of being in the business for 40 odd years. Thus there is normally something to suit your mood, be it happy, sad, funky, depressed, wanting to save the world etc, etc: you need look no further than MJ. I ought to add as well, that many say Thriller was brilliant - i on the other hand am a huge fan of Off the Wall, a much better album IMO some genius stuff on there.

2) Stevie Wonder. Those who have known me for a long time may remember me suggesting that he is the greatest artist of all time. Perhaps i have matured enough now to realise no one can win that title, but still, he is up there. So much of his music is timeless, brilliant pieces which a never a chore to listen to - this point being very much a reason why he is such a good musician, it would never annoy me to listen to Stevie Wonder. Of course the fact he is blind gives the music that little bit something extra - somehow.

3) The Beatles. Perhaps an obvious choice, but at the same time not so. I know many of you may consider The Who, The Rolling Stones etc, etc to be better bands. However if someone says 'I dont like The Who' it might not invoke much of a reaction. When someone says 'I Don't like the Beatles' it seems that little bit more bizarre: "You dont like the Beatles?" Of course there is also the fact that they have a lot of content as well - i prefer the older stuff myself, there is genius to both the Blue and Red Album era's as i'll put it - i prefer the Blue Album.

4) Muse. Perhaps a surprising choice by contrast to the Beatles. I know many may respond with, well if you want that music who with Coldplay etc, etc. However a few years ago i got into Muse in attempts to bring my music taste not only inline with my then Girlfriend - but also my friends. Was not a bad experience, and in fact if ever i wanna rock out, have a bit of a mope or whatever you might do, i do it to Muse. Black holes and Revelations btw. *Sharp intake of breath*

5) This is a real difficult choice now - having covered many genres with my prior four choices. Part of me wants to break the trend and just say an Album (Pulp Fiction Soundtrack). However, i'm going to go with Moby. Again, not an obvious choice, but some of his music is pure class. Some truely wonderful music notably on the Play Album. If you dont know what im talking about, do search the album, not only will you recognise songs, but im sure come on board to what i'm saying.

Please comment with any responses you might in order to make me feel this last 20 minutes or so was a waste of time. Make me feel like i have a worth.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Back through unpopular demand

Yes my blog is back, after a dabble in the art of blogging about 18 months ago, i've decided to write once more. This time however, rather than writing about the complete B/S that was Theory of Knowledge, it's going to be loosely based around politics/law - my Degree - but also a little bit of sport and maybe even a rant or to. With any luck i'll get a few followers and what have you, if it not it'll simply be a good place to offload some ideas and thoughts i may be harbouring.

Happy reading.

Alex "Smash" Smith.