Saturday, 20 August 2011

Civil War

On April 12th 1861,
Conflict and strife had just begun.

To fight for freedom is to defend,
What Washington'n co sought to mend.
Constitution, a sacred thing,
Black men are just as being
As the white man, in the text
Who's job liberty is to protect.
Unionist in the North, Lincoln,
Under pressure from New York.
An end to possession and control,
With Musket, Sword and Pistole.

To fight with Lee was to Honour,
The life of US. Southerner.
Ever industrious, strong and tough,
To keep the Blacks, who'd had enough.
O'er the hill of destiny, a south
who struggle to live without
Business in the North seemed set to thrive,
W'out the slaves, Georgian land is set to die.
A tenacious struggle for what
each side wants no more to put,
the stamp of honour in Unionist
and Confederate soldiers midst.

As a conflict, a frightfully grave'd affair,
Lincoln's Revolution, celebrated every year.
Peace and freedom, took much time t'spend,
Lest we forget the yank family and friend,
War, where Half a Million lives met their end.