Saturday, 9 June 2012

Movies you should have seen but probably haven't.

Once again treading on toes here, with a movie related post that isn't really what i write about usually. However, we have a large collection of movies in our living room, most of which are box office hits, however some are slightly lesser known. As the title suggests, these are movies you may not have seen, but probably have. If you have seen them mind, do comment and validate my choices with something like "ooh yes Alex, very good choice."

The Business

Danny Dyer et al feature in what can only be described as a bunch of guys who are criminals from Peckham, who en masse decided to up-sticks and become criminals in the more continental temperatures of the Costa-del-Sol. The protagonists have many fingers in many criminal pies, but the brunt of the story is based on the fact they bring drugs to the Spanish south coast. The story has numerous hurdles mind, and this indeed makes the film. Not particularly action packed, it is funny on the odd occasion, which leaves the biggest selling point down to the acting and the drama involved. Now, the biggest criticism of Danny Dyer i've heard is the fact it's difficult to take him seriously: believe me, in this role, he and Tammer Hassan work together beautifully, and really do make the film. Throw in a killer 80s soundtrack, and this is actually a very good movie.

Reign Over Me

Adam Sandler is an actor who divides opinions no end - however Reign Over Me is far from his usual grade of comedy. Reign Over Me is about a dentist (Don Cheadle), who runs into an old friend (Sandler) one night, and the old friend mysteriously does not remember anything about Cheadle. It develops that Sandler has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, as a result of his family being killed in the 9/11 attacks on America. The film is actually an incredibly delicate, respectful and altogether tasteful look into the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sandler wasn't originally down for the role, it was infact Tom Cruise. While i am a big fan in general of Tom Cruise, i think Sandler plays the role better. Cruise i think may have added a bit too much glamour and (no homo) been to handsome for the role. Sandler (no disrespect to him) has the scruffy hair, bedraggled face and his nasally voice contribute to a great character as part of a great film.

The Orphanage

Spanish film this. A Horror/Thriller about a couple who take on an old abandoned Orphanage (where the female grew up). Through the work of the supernatural, the couple's son goes missing, which results in a lengthy hunt for the son, which in the end spreads across the whole of Spain. The film is not your run of the mill horror/thriller, which is after cheap thrills. The film is so well shot, with such tremendous acting by the lead BelĂ©n Rueda that you end up engaged in the story. It is this engagement and sympathy toward the lead that draws you in, and indeed become involved with the atmosphere and feel very much part of the experience. To say the films strong point is engaging with the audience, given the film is in spanish with sub-titles, it says an awful lot about the quality of the film. Evidently Guillermo del Toro is working on an English remake, that sticks to the main themes and settings of the original, this is something i am looking forward to if it happens. 

Do give these films a watch if you get the opportunity. A final note, is that as i write the Blog is very close to 2000 hits, one of the readers of this blog may well be its 2000th viewer, to which i offer my thanks, and a sincere congratulations.